With people stuck inside their home, they relied on technology to stay connect more than ever.  Businesses had to adapt to this online shift.  It resulted in new online habits and the way people used the internet in 2020.

A study done by the UK Domain has revealed the top 100 websites for 2020 and shows some interesting results.  Below are the top 10.


Google.com reigns supreme

As the demand for online resources continues, it is no surprise that Google.com continued to dominate the top spot. Although Google.com experienced a slight decrease in traffic of -3.83%, the website remains the world number one most popular website, and it is predicted that Google.com will stay on top and dominate the search engine world. 

News websites flourished in a world of disinformation

In 2020, we have seen significant behavior changes within the top 100 websites. For example, in 2018, there were only 8 news related websites in the global top 100, but in 2020 there are now an astonishing 15. As the world continues to become connected, this global demand for up to date and reliable news sources could be in direct relation to the evolving pandemic.

Social media saw large declines in website traffic

On the other hand, global social media websites such as Facebook.com and Twitter.com have seen significant decreases in website traffic in 2020 of up to -22.26%. As news sources continue to increase in website traffic, this decrease within social media could be in relation to the accusations of prompting fake news on the platforms, and the public’s response to it.