With all the talk about fake news and how much the public doesn’t believe journalists, it’s important to note that there’s a huge difference in how people view NATIONAL news media versus LOCAL news media.  The local folks live and work in your community, go to church there, shop at stores, pay local taxes and have kids in schools.  They are more connected to the community and have much more at stake if they don’t play it straight.

A new nationwide study from Videa shows most people agree that local news media can be trusted. 

61% say they have trust in the information from local news organizations.


Where do you turn for local news?

  • 59% Television
  • 38% Social Media
  • 36% Print Media
  • 36% Local Radio

Those who say they get local news content from television very often is nearly twice the next highest source.

Where do you get your news very often?

  • 36% Television
  • 19% Social Media
  • 18% Print Media
  • 15% Local Radio

Those surveyed cites that information is simply more truthful, and easy to verify.  They also said topics were more relevant.

So back to that National vs. Local thing.  While national news scores low on the trust scale, local news scores high.  62% say they trust local news more.  38% say they trust national news more than local.

national vs local news
SOURCE:  Videa

Why do they trust local more than national?  The main reason cited is less bias and no political agenda in local news reporting.