Look for advertising on NBA uniforms this upcoming season.  Eight teams have announced deals with brands.  Some have showed off the look – it will be in the form of a “patch” on the upper right front of the uniform over the heart.


Photos:  NBA

Here are the teams that have publicly announced deals of far:

  • 76ers – StubHub
  • Cavs – Goodyear
  • Celtics – GE
  • Jazz – 5 for the Fight
  • King – Blue Diamond Almonds
  • Magic – Disney
  • Nets – Infor
  • Timberwolves – Fitbit

The G League

It’s not just the uni’s that will carry advertising, so will the NBA’s D-League (short for Development League). It’s changing to the G-League, as in Gatorade.

It sounds like a spoof, but it’s real. Just ask NBA G League President Malcolm Turner.

H/T Business Insider, NBA.com