It may be the largest data leak of passwords of all time.

According to Cyber News, the leak may have exposed more than 8.4 billion passwords. The person posting the leaked passwords on a hacker forum claimed originally to have access to 82 billion passwords.

“The compilation itself has been dubbed ‘RockYou2021’ by the forum user, presumably in reference to the infamous RockYou data breach that occurred in 2009, when threat actors hacked their way into the social app website’s servers and got their hands on more than 32 million user passwords stored in plain text.” – Cyber News

If you think about the fact that there are 4.66 billion active internet users globally, it’s an astonishing number either way.

You can check to see whether your data has been leaked by entering your email address here in the Cyber News password checker.  I prefer to use HaveIBeenPwned to check.  If your email shows up in data breaches, it will list the specific sites where your information is affected.

IMAGE: HaveIBeenPwned

You should know this already:  Always use strong passwords and consider adding two-factor authentication whenever possible.