Marketing healthcare equipment in the B2B world is a little different from other types of products. While some frivolous ones hit the market, most are important and have serious uses too. The acquisition teams at healthcare providers are busy people, so getting their attention isn’t the easiest thing to do either. 

Accordingly, here are a few B2B marketing tips suitable for equipment suppliers to the healthcare industry. 

Search Engine Optimization for Eyeballs

Physicians and their purchasing team are likely avid Google users. When they’re looking for new product releases and innovative solutions, they’ll often perform a voice search or receive long-form search results from Google or Bing. They could even give DuckDuckGo a whirl if they’re keen on privacy and seeing different search results. 

Appearing on page one for search terms relating to your products is extremely valuable. When you wish to get your catalogue to appear so that visitors can find your broad range of SKUs, it’s worth the effort to do so. Carefully crafted pages and the occasional relevant inbound link can elevate the pages on a site significantly too.

Content Publishing for Relationship Building

People buy from people or companies that they trust. When they’ve never heard of your company before or you’re not one of their regular suppliers, it gives them pause. This is because there’s no existing relationship that has been formed, so mentally it requires a leap of faith. 

By publishing blog content, being active on social media, and offering an email newsletter, it gives an audience a chance to grow. Along with that, prospective buyers can get to know your team, what you think, and how you do what you do. Doing so builds trust and makes it easier to pull the trigger on placing a medical-related order. 

Content can rank in Google, leading to more people visiting the site. They may also subscribe to the newsletter before ever becoming a customer, which lets you contact them again for another bite at the cherry later.

Online Advertising for Broad Appeal

Online advertising takes many forms. Certainly, there’s a place for text-based and graphical banners. However, there’s also the option to produce (or have produced) video ads to appeal to a wider business audience. For instance, YouTube video advertising on medical-related business channels gets viewed by healthcare professionals.

Medical equipment suppliers with a site offering many products may find this exposure beneficial if their brand isn’t well-known yet. This applies whether they’re a small supplier or offer a larger range, such as the selection found at

Be a Guest on a Podcast for the Brand Exposure

For smaller suppliers competing in a major market, rising above the din of marketing noise is difficult. Just throwing money at the problem isn’t always the answer.

Being a guest on a podcast is an interesting way for healthcare product suppliers to do something a little different. For medical or business-related media, it can introduce the supplier to a new audience.

The closer that the podcast is related to healthcare and with a business orientation, the better. 

Getting the marketing right in the B2B market is often just as difficult as when marketing to consumers. Employees have a greater responsibility to choose the right products to order with more money on the line too. So, the marketing approach needs to reflect that.