Nobody, it seems, is happy with their cable, satellite, or streaming provider.  Overall cost, hardware problems, streaming issues, and quality – take your pick.  When you’re paying that much money, you just want to watch something of quality and have it work right without issues.  When it doesn’t, people get mad.  Sometimes, really mad.

Echelon Insights looked at that anger and frustration across social media aimed at providers.

So, which company ‘s customers are the unhappiest and which one gets the brunt of anger where you live?  Read on.

First, here’s what we’re talking about.  I picked a handful of the biggest providers and looked at Twitter to get a feel for what people are saying.  It’s not pretty.  My favorite tweet was the one that said:  “If my internet provider was a person, I would punch it in the face every hour.”





That’s just a handful.  Echelon Insights analyzed over 11 million tweets directed at cable, satellite, and streaming provider accounts and their customer service channels.  Service/hardware failure is the top issue among cable, satellite, and streaming device providers. As for streaming services, content generates the most anger, while they see by far the least anger related to customer service.  Cost is a bigger issue for streaming companies than traditional providers. Anger related to sports is most prevalent among satellite companies, especially for signal failures and channel blackouts.

Biggest flash points for consumers from Echelon Insights analysis:

  • Cable: service/hardware failure and customer service
  • Satellite: service/hardware failure and sports
  • Streaming Devices: service/hardware failure and cost
  • Streaming Services: content and cost

So where do the companies rank?



And which company gets the most angry social media posts where you live?map

There are some other fascinating insights worth a read in the full report.