It’s going to be a very long time before the government gets a day in court against the big tech firms, at least if you look at the Department of Justice complaint against Google as an indication.

The tentative trial date for court action is September of 2023.  “If anybody thought we would be getting to trial quickly,” US District Judge Amit Mehta said during a telephone hearing on the matter (as reported in the Wall Street Journal), “this certainly will dispel that notion.”

The judge also said he wants to get other cases on the same coordinated schedule as legal teams prepare for litigation.  This could mean the case brought by Attorneys General in 35 states might ultimately be wrapped into the same prosecution – or at least be handled on the same timetable.

The proposed schedule begins with 450 days for discovery, then several months for review and counter-arguments before any trial would be begin.

You can download and read the DOJ complaint against Google below.


“Our investigation leaves no doubt that there is a clear and compelling need for Congress and the antitrust enforcement agencies to take action that restores competition, improves innovation, and safeguards our democracy.” – REP. DAVID CICILLINE

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