If you are running a business, the dilemma over IT support will inevitably arise. It’s essential to invest in your IT infrastructure, of course, but what is the best approach? Do you hire an in-house IT team, or do you engage with a managed IT services provider?

Having an in-house IT team is an attractive proposition. It allows you to handpick people who are the perfect fit for your business, and they are 100% dedicated to you, so you do not have to jostle for priority amongst other customers. It provides a sense of control. However, there are equally good reasons for engaging a managed services provider.

Access to Expertise

If you hire your own team based on what you think you might need, there will inevitably be knowledge gaps. You cannot hire an expert in every single field just in case you need one. Managed service providers can. No matter what IT need arises, your managed service provider should have an expert in that field on hand.

The Cost

This is a particularly relevant point if you are an SME. If you engage a managed service provider, you will only be paying them for the work they are actually doing. If you are a smaller company, you are unlikely to be undertaking IT development projects consistently, so there will be quieter periods in terms of IT work. With a managed service provider, you won’t be paying staff who have nothing to do at these times.

Keeping Ahead of Technological Developments

MSP’s make it their business to keep themselves in the loop about emerging technologies. Managed IT services provider Ubisec Systems say that ‘they have continued to grow over the years because they never rest on their laurels, and they always stay abreast of new technological developments in the IT field.’ They can bring this expertise to your business so that you are not trying to get by with slow and outdated technology.


Information security is critical for your business. If you are the victim of a hacker and your customer data is compromised, your customers will not be sympathetic. They will blame you for not keeping their data safe, and your reputation will be damaged as a result. Putting this crucial task in the hands of experts with access to the best industry tools just makes sense.

High Service Levels and SLA’s

When you enter into a contract with an MSP, you will agree on SLA’s (service level agreements) for each type of task. Typically, you would agree a very quick turnaround for customer-impacting faults, and a slower turn around for less urgent tasks. This means that you know that any impact that IT faults will have on your customers will be minimal, and it also means that you can plan projects based on definitive timelines.

No HR headaches

They deal with their own tax, national insurance, annual leave, pensions and all of the other HR headaches. Enough said.

Focus on your day job

The most significant benefit an MSP will bring you is the time to focus on your day job. You didn’t start your business to worry about firewalls, spam and bugs. Let the MSP deal with those things so that you can focus on the things that you are passionate about.