Mary Meeker is a venture capitalist and former Wall Street security analyst. She’s ranked by Forbes as one of the top 100 most powerful women in the world.   When she unveils her annual presentation on Internet trends, it makes news.

This year’s report is no different.  You read the full report here:  Internet_Trends_2019.  It’s 333 pages so be prepared, but it’s a surprisingly easy read and full of data nuggets like these:

  • Ad spending continues to grow. In the U.S., digital ad spending was up 22% last year.  Google and Facebook still dominate, although Amazon is starting to gain ground.
  • 62% of all digital display is programmatic
  • E-commerce now makes up 15% of all retail sales. It’s up 12.4% compared to a year ago and outpacing growth in regular retails (2% YTY)

Meeker also highlights the growth of interactive gaming, digital media consumption (6.3 hours per day), and signs that GDPR (EU’s data privacy rules) will impact tech companies in a big way.