With U.S. consumers being exposed to an average of 10,000 brand messages every day, and 90% of consumers reporting that advertisements influence their purchase decisions, the power of advertising is undeniable.

According to research from Clutch, consumers in the United States say Television and Print are the advertising mediums that they trust most.  The study came from a survey of 1,000+ U.S. consumers who had been exposed to advertising in the week prior.

TV trustworthy

61% said TV/broadcast video ads were the most trusted.  58% trust print and 45% trust radio ads.  Online ads were trusted by 41% and social even less, at 48%.

The results vary only slightly across Millennials, Gen Xers, and Baby Boomers.ad trust generations

More findings from Clutch:

  • Advertisements influence 90% of consumers to make a purchase.
  • Consumers make purchases after seeing or hearing an advertisement on TV (60%), in print (45%), online (43%), and on social media (42%).
  • Advertising through traditional mediums is seen as the most trustworthy: 61% of consumers trust TV, print (58%), radio/podcast (45%), and out-of-home (42%).
  • The least trustworthy advertising mediums are online (41%) and social media (38%).
  • Advertising influences 81% of millennials ages 18 to 34 to make a purchase and just 57% of Baby Boomers 55 and older.
  • Those with a higher household income (55%) are more likely to make a purchase after seeing or hearing an advertisement than middle (48%) and low (45%) household incomes.

H/T Marketing Profs