We passed the tipping point in 2014.  Since then, the use of mobile has exploded.  If you’re still focusing on your desktop website first, you’re way behind.

71% of web traffic in the United States is mobile, according to ComScore.  Mobile usage is larger than desktop in almost every country.   Developing nations see an even higher usage as desktop PC saw slow (and low) adoption rates because of cost.  As cell phones became more affordable, consumers skipped over PCs completely and went straight to mobile.


Percentage-of-online-searches-on-mobile-devices-by-sectorGoogle is the most visited site on-line.  In most industries, the amount of searches on mobile dwarfs the desktop access.

Keep in mind, these stats are from last year.  When they’re updated again, they’re expected to grow substantially.

Facebook is the second most visited online site in the United States.  They’ve figured it out.

Just look at what’s happened to its ad dollars over the past 4 years.

While desktop ads have stayed relatively stable around the $5-$6 million-dollar mark through that period, Facebook’s mobile ad revenues have gone from roughly $2 million to more than $25 million – 5 times desktop ads.


DATA:  SEC Filings via The Motley Fool