When the TVB (Television Bureau of Advertising) puts out a study that says TV ads are the best marketing solution for businesses, some critics say the results are skewed because it’s a TV-focused organization.

If that happens in the future, you can now point to the survey done by the IAB (Interactive Advertising Bureau).  They are the equivalent organization for the  online advertising industry and include Google, Facebook, Twitter, and Amazon among their members.  In fact, the study itself was sponsored by Google, Pinterest, Spotify, and PebblePost.

The IABs results agree with the TVBs: TV ads are still the best for generating awareness for brands.

IAB study

“TV remains the dominant medium for generating brand awareness for both D2C, as well as conventional “Incumbent” brands according to an in-depth study of consumer attitudes, perception, and consumptions of both types of brands released this morning by the Interactive Advertising Bureau” – IAB

Download the entire study here.