It’s the first time a study like that has been done. Karen Nelson Field us a marketing science professor. According to Spots N Dots, she exposed more than 2,500 people to a variety of advertisements (more than 18,200) to study their impact on behavior.

One of the more interesting parts of the study related to video ads. At the core was the effectiveness of where the videos played. The result? Broadcast TV video outperformed YouTube and Facebook regardless of whether the ad was consumed on a desktop computer or a mobile device.

When it comes to holding viewer attention, the study found that broadcast video on-demand scored a 63 on her eye-tracking measurement scale — 9-points higher than Facebook and 19-points higher than YouTube.

Nelson Field says that attention-holding ability paid off for advertisers. The study found that the sales impact of broadcast video on mobile devices was 18% higher than YouTube and 33% stronger than Facebook. Even more impressive? The stronger achievement for TV came despite the fact that mobile screens are the best performing platforms for either Facebook or YouTube.

“The study also showed that broadcast TV ads viewed on a traditional TV set outperformed both Facebook and YouTube regardless of how those two online sites were consumed. The bottom line, according to the study, is that TV wins on every measure.” — Spots N Dots

Nelson-Field believes there is a high correlation factor to the amount of screen an ad takes up. That leads to higher attention and intent to purchase. Ads on TV take up 100% of the screen. That’s more than 4 x coverage than Facebook and 3 x coverage on YouTube for the majority of ads.

“With mobile devices increasing in importance for video viewing, those with better inherent ad visibility still benefit more.” — Karen Nelson Field