YouTube TV is rolling out across the country, starting in select markets, which will feature a so-called “skinny bundle” of TV channels, including local channels.  It is designed to compete – at a much lower price point – against cable and satellite packages in this era of “cutting the cord.”

The YouTube TV service will go for $35 a month and include 45+ channels, including live local channels from ABC, CBS, FOX, and NBC (in most cities), as well as cable channels like AMC, FX, ESPN, NBC Sports, and FOX Sports.  Launched in April, it’s already available in 2/3rds of the US including 49 of the top 50 markets and is being deployed in smaller markets this year.

In order to get the word out, though, Google/YouTube used the World Series on TV as a major advertising platform.  As a presenting sponsor for the World Series, you certainly couldn’t miss its presence in the games.  Right behind home plate – at least on TV – was the YouTube logo.


In a Pavlovian moment, every time I saw that play-button red play button on the graphic, I wanted to click on my TV set to watch the video…!

If you happened to miss the first game, YouTube ran a two minute commercial that integrated nearly seamlessly with the broadcast.  When the announcers set up the game, the screen switched to a TV in home with the live footage of the game inside the TV, then morphed into the commercial… then at the end, morphed right back into the game.

Pretty cool idea.

You can watch it here via Ad Age.