With the increased attention focused on OTT (Over-the-top) TV and streaming services, there are some interesting trends developing.

Content Omnivores

The research also shows that consumers that subscribe to Pay TV do their online viewing on a number of different devices.  They are using streaming to complement their viewing and not replacing it.  The study calls them “Content Omnivores.”

Streaming Sources

With Netflix, Hulu, HBO, CBS All-Access, newcomers Disney and Peacock (NBC), and others all waging battle in the OTT wars, there’s no shortage of services you can pay for.  Still, viewers say they would prefer to pay one price for a single service and access all the content they want.  Oh, and the want it on demand and on any screen or device they choice.  They also desire the convenience and control they have with streaming.

Where They Watch

73% watch streaming content on their TV sets whether it’s a Connected TV or streaming device such as Roku).  55% stream on computers, 48% on smart phones, and 30% on tablets.

Another study, from Hub Entertainment Research, shows that consumers are equally as likely to go first to a pay-TV set top box to watch video as they are to an online streaming source.  47% go to STB first vs. 45% to online.

What They Watch

Live TV is still the number one choice for viewing when it comes to the default choice for viewing.

  • 34% Live TV from cable/sat provider
  • 21% Netflix
  • 11% DVR

Even more interesting is how these numbers have changed over the past few years.


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