Yes, there’s a fair amount of viewing these days on mobile phones, tablets, laptops, and desktop computers, but 70% of all viewing is still through the TV set.

A survey of OTT consumers conducted for Nevion reports that 70% of those responsing still watch the majkority of programming on TV.  Only 20% regularly watch content on a laptop.

73% prefer Live Viewing of TV over anything else.


The survey also shows that nearly two-thirds of viewers prefer Pay-TV platforms or paid apps for their viewing.


“Despite the rise of on-demand services, live content is still favored by the majority of people with 73% of our sample deeming live coverage important. With so many still using their televisions to view this content and with avoiding spoilers being a major concern, it is clear that TV viewing is still often seen as an event. People want to sit down and watch it on a big screen and dedicate real time to it, rather than watching on their phone while they’re on the go,” said Olivier Suard, Vice President of Marketing, Nevion, via blog post

What’s most popular?

  1. Sports
  2. News
  3. Reality Shows
  4. Events (Royal Weddings, Presidential Inaugurations)

Another thing that popped up consistently is the poor quality of streaming.  It’s a “major frustration” for over a quarter of TV viewers.