If you want to increase the traffic to your auto dealer website, increase your TV ad spending.  Cut back on TV advertising at your own peril.

An in-depth investigation from the Video Advertising Bureau (VAB) reveals that 76% of auto brands saw a direct correlation – good or bad – in proportion to their TV ad spending.


  • On average, the brands that increased their TV investment spent 15% moreon TV and saw a 48% increase in unique website visitors
  • On average, the brands that decreased their TV investment spent 15% lesson TV and saw a 28% decline in unique website visitors

Brands that increased spending on TV saw traffic to their websites increase 48%

The VAB study looked at the top 25 spending car companies, which bought $4.1 billion of TV ads in the fourth quarter of 2017 and found that 11 brands that increased TV spending also saw an increased number of unique visitors to their websites.

On average, the 11 companies that spent more increased TV buys by 15 percent and got 48 percent more unique visitors online.

  • Chevrolet increased TV spend by 6% and saw a 50% increase in direct website traffic
  • Toyota increased TV spend by 10% and saw a 43% lift in traffic
  • Ford increase TV spend by 78% and saw a 33% increase in traffic


Brands that decreased spending on TV saw traffic to their websites drop 28%

The eight companies that cut spending reduced their TV spending by 15 percent and web traffic fell 28 percent.

  • Cadillac cut its TV spending by 11% and saw a 28% decrease in unique visitors to its website
  • Chrysler cut TV spend by 50% and saw website traffic drop by 39%
  • Infiniti spent 11% less on TV and web traffic was down 39%Chevrolet increased spending 6% to $120.7 million and saw a 50% increase in traffic.

Brands that increased their TV investment also saw significant lifts in search queries, social actions and online views.


The full report is available at https://www.thevab.com/wp-content/uploads/2018/08/A-Look-Under-The-Hood-Automotive-Attribution-1.pdf