Trying to accurately measure audience against a plethora of cable, satellite, over-the-top, mobile, tablets, Roku, AppleTV, and on and on is no doubt a difficult task.  To date, it hasn’t happened.  Everyone in the research sphere will tell you they can estimate based on algorithms and assumptions – but nobody has it figured out.

Recently, Omnicom published a Hearts & Science study that claimed as much as 66% of TV and video viewing consumed by Millennials and Gen Xers is not by captured by current measurement services, such as Nielsen, comScore, and Kantar.

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What ratings that are produced, are often mis-trusted.  A survey of nearly 200 advertiser and agency decision-makers revealed just a third of key decision makers believed ad measurements are completely trustworthy.  That means that 66% – there’s that number again – have some concern about the accuracy of the numbers which they are using to place millions – nay billions – of dollars’ worth of ad purchases.

More than half said the data is “somewhat accurate.”  That’s scary.

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