According to new research from The Diffusion Group (TDG), consumers spend a lot of time each week using a ‘screen’ — a television, personal computer, tablet, or mobile phone.  It now tops 50 hours with TV topping the list.


50 hours a week!

TV is still the King

081716-300x218Traditional TV time still gobbles up the majority of the time – 31.26 hours of weekly screen time – about 62% of all use. Online use (video or otherwise) accounts for 21.13 hours. – about a third of that is broadband video.

If you’re wondering why that adds up to more than 50 hours right there, it’s because people are often on multiple devices at the same time.

sleepThat’s 47% of “awake time”

Let’s see a week is 24 x 7, so 168 hours.  The average person in the US gets just about 9 hours of sleep a night.  So that adds up to 105 “awake hours” in a week.  And we’re staring at some device for almost half of that.

And, yes, 4 hours a week is on social media.

The biggest growth is no surprise.  It’s mobile.

“Screen time is shifting towards mobile. Mobile usage is shifting towards social networking apps. And social networking apps are shifting towards video. All the trends are lining up in favor of massive growth in SoMo Video over the next decade.” – Joel Espelien, senior analyst with TDG

>> Definition:  SoMo = Social-Mobile networks for video delivery

 TDG forecasts SoMo Video will experience ”massive growth” during the next decade, up from 684 million daily viewing minutes in 2016 to 7.4 billion by 2025. As a share of total smartphone video viewing, SoMo Video will grow from 17% in 2016 to 43% in 2025.”