You know Facebook is gathering information on you all the time, right?  What you click on, what you like, what you share is all compiled in some hard drive somewhere.  With that information, Facebook makes decisions about what to show you – or what not to show you.

So it only makes sense that, based on your preferences and the way you interact, Facebook could make a pretty good guess about what you like.  It seems that includes your political leanings.

How accurate is it?  Here’s how you can find out what Facebook thinks about your political viewpoint (Helps if you’re on a computer instead of your phone or tablet).

  1. Log in to Facebook
  2. Click here or type into your browser: com/ads/preferences
  3. Look for INTERESTS for a tab that says “Lifestyle and Culture”
    If it’s not right there, you may have to click MORE to find it
  4. A bunch of squares will show up. One of them will be labeled “US Politics” and that’s where you’ll find out whether FB sees you as Moderate, Liberal, or Conservative.

Hint:  If you want to remove it, you can hover over the box and then click the X.  You can do this for any of the preferences Facebook assigns.

H/T NY Times