Not surprisingly, when you don’t control the conversation, it happens without you.  Brands that stop advertising and sending positive messages are seeing huge drops in brand sentiment because they only thing people hear about you is nothing or negative.  Those that continued to market saw a drop (people are thinking about other things these days), but nowhere near as big as those that stopped.

We need to be talking to people now about the recovery.  What happens when people get back closer to normal?

Will you keep yourself top of mind and control the conversation
or are you willing to start all over from a negative position?

Engagment Labs

Across all brands in 15 categories that Engagement Labs track, the change is modest. Before the crisis, conversations about brands were overwhelmingly positive whether related to advertising (70%), news coverage (67%), or no marketing at all (68%). Since the crisis, we’ve seen positive sentiment decline the most, by 7 points, when no marketing is involved, while the positive share of conversations dropped by a somewhat more modest 4 points and 3 points, respectively, when related to ads or news (see chart below).” – Engagement Labs

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