As simple as it may seem, a successful post-click optimization strategy will turn a more significant percentage of your company’s website traffic into profit by effectively engaging your potential customers after they’ve clicked on your sponsored post or advertisement, according to digital marketing firm fishbat.

Here’s what else they had to say:

Social media channels represent a larger slice of company marketing budgets than ever before, and for a good reason. Social media allows your brand to hyper-target key demographics, but your marketing efforts should not end with a sponsored post. If your company is not investing in post-click optimization, here is the number one reason why it should be: Increased conversions.

Post-Click Optimization 101

Post-click optimization encompasses everything that’s done to maximize conversion rates after the initial ad click. It is a vital component of the marketing funnel and a united effort to increase the likelihood that the person who clicks on your sponsored post or advertisement will become a paying customer.

Watch Where They Land

Landing pages are an essential element of a winning post-click optimization strategy, since they are the web pages where potential customers land after clicking through your sponsored post or advertisement. Since landing pages are very often the first point of contact with your customers it is essential that your landing pages follow these basic guidelines:

  • Matching Headlines: The headline on your landing page must be identical to the headline of your advertisement or sponsored post, mitigating the potential issue of trust that could arise between your brand and your target market who are less receptive to advertising tactics that give even the impression of bait-and-switch.
  • Identical Images: The lead image on your landing page should match the image in your advertisement. Again, this reinforces the idea to your customers that what they see is what they are going to get.
  • Brand Visuals: Utilize your brand’s color scheme in both your advertisement and landing page. Not only does this let your potential customers know that they have arrived in the correct place, but a consistent color scheme helps to establish your brand as the relevant provider of the products or services being offered.
  • Clear Navigation: Effective landing pages put all of the focus on the products or services advertised, meaning extraneous navigation links that could direct potential customers away from the product or service being advertised are nonexistent.

A final note on landing pages: If you plan on creating multiple advertisements promoting different products or even a single product to different audience segments, it is a good idea to create personalized landing pages for each one. Try to avoid a one-size landing page fits all approach.

Mind Your Manners

Your target customer clicked through your sponsored post, took advantage of your brand’s offer and is now a paying customer. Now what? The final step in your post-click optimization strategy is to thank the customer for their business. Showing appreciation is a great opportunity to encourage new customers even further down the sales funnel.

A confirmation page and matching confirmation email should display an itemized list of your customer’s order as well as a variety of helpful links that will encourage them to engage with your brand on a deeper level, which can include contact links, chat agents and links to your knowledge base. Adding social media share buttons that enable customers to share news of their purchase with their followers can extend your reach even further.