Google’s John Mueller had some good news for bloggers (like me) when it comes to evaluating the quality of content.  Just because it doesn’t have a lot of page views doesn’t mean Google’s algorithm will flag it as low quality.

During a recent Google Webmaster Central hangout, he was asked whether content with low visits is considered low quality for purposes of the algorithm and whether webmasters would be better off removing it from their sites. In Mueller’s response, he said a metric like page views may be a good way for you to identify low value content, but that you’re the expert and you know what has value better than anyone.

In other words, don’t yank poor performing content if you think it is high value or quality.

“Our algorithms don’t look at the number of page views,” Mueller said.  “They try to understand the value of the content instead.”

That is especially good news for someone like me that may get hundreds or thousands of views for an article across various platforms, newsletters, and emails, but may get only a handful that come directly to a page on my personal website.

H/T Search Engine Journal