Industries never really like it when the government gets into their business and regulates what they can and cannot do.  So when the IAB (Interactive Advertising Bureau) changes course to recommend lawmakers create legislation to regulate internet privacy, it’s a big step.

The IAB has argued on behalf of the industry that the best solution is self-regulation and to let the marketplace take care of things.  Now EVP David Grimaldi with IAB, in a letter to Congress, is suggesting that careful and sensible legislation is needed.

IAB letter“A uniform Federal privacy standard could provide clarity, market certainty, and add fuel to future innovation, while preserving the value and benefit that online advertising brings to the internet ecosystem.”

David F. Grimaldi Executive Vice President, Public Policy Interactive Advertising Bureau, in a letter to Congress.

Read the full letter here.

“… additional work must be done to promote consumer trust and safety,” Grimaldi wrote. “We believe the time is now to consider sensible legislation to address these pressing challenges.”

Any privacy regulations should provide “meaningful consumer controls that are technologically neutral, proportionate to consumer risk, and encourage industry best practices,” according to the IAB.