Only a third trust social media as a news source

Half of all Americans report they get their news on television, but the gap with online is narrowing.

43% now say they often get their news online.

The gap is just 1 points, narrowing from 19 points in 2015, according to a new survey from Pew Research Center.

Radio stayed flat at 25% and print newspapers declined from 20% to 18% in the past year.

Increase in Mobile news consumption

Mobile devices for news consumption continue to grow.  45% of adults often get news on a mobile device.  That’s an increase of 9 points from 36% in the past year.  Seniors are driving the increase in mobile news.  67% of 65+ Americans now say they get news on a mobile device.

More get news from social media, but still don’t trust it

67% of Americans admit to getting at least some news on social media.  Despite that, only 5% of internet users say they have a lot of trust in news from social media.

Who do they trust the most?

PJ_2017.05.10_Media-Attitudes_1-05Once again, Americans trust local news organizations by a significant number.

85% say they trust local news organizations, 76% say they trust family and friends and 72% say they trust national news organizations.

By comparison – less than half of those – say they trust social media (37%).

You can read the full results here.