Google recently announced its going to penalize websites that have poor ad experiences in its upcoming update to the Chrome browser.  Starting next year, Chrome will block sites with “annoying ads” in search results.  If you think because you’re a name brand publisher, you’ll be exempt, think again.  Google has analyzed 100,000 sites so far and found roughly 700 in violation.

Most were flagged for popup ads, but a fair number were flagged for “high ad density” for having ads cover more than 30% of a page (especially in mobile).

Here’s the list Google released of some sites with potential problems, according to Ad Age:

  • NY Daily News
  • LA Times
  • Forbes
  • TV Guide
  • Chicago Tribune
  • Orgalndo Sun-Sentinel
  • Washington Times
  • Chicago Sun-Times
  • ZDNet
  • PCMag
  • The Independent
  • Betty Crocker

Here’s how you can check to see if your verified site has been reviewed and, if so, the results.