Shareablee US Media 100 May InfographicThe Walt Disney Company maintains its #1 position with 327.6 million consumer interactions, making up 10.5% of total engagement within the media industry in the U.S., according to Sharablee, which tracks brand data on social media.   Disney also saw 33% growth in content shares and 22% growth in video views. 

Twenty-First Century Fox Inc. took second spot with 300.7 million interactions and strong growth of 10% in content shares. Turner Digital ranked third overall with 248.8 million interactions, but won in video engagement – driving 158.6 million consumer interactions.

Group Nine Media led the U.S. Media 100 index in video views, with 2.9 billion views, making up 9.6% of the industry’s total views. BuzzFeed‘s roll-up which includes Tasty, Nifty and BuzzFeed video followed with 2.4 billion video views.

Haymarket Media saw the fastest growth in May, with a 143% increase in total interactions driven mostly by their increase in video content. First Media followed with 76% growth in total actions and 100% in shares, climbing the list to #25.

Other Notable Findings Include:

  • The Top Three Cable Networks: ESPN (157.8 million actions), Fox News (58.2 million actions) and CNN with 46.8 (million actions)
  • The Top Three Print Publishers: Hearst (70.9 million actions), Advance Publications Inc. (61 million actions) and Time Inc. (60.9 million actions)
  • The Top Three Digital Publishers: Bleacher Report Network (163 million actions), Group Nine Media (112.9 million actions) and Buzzfeed (91.1 million actions)
  • The Top Three Broadcast Networks: ABC (79.4 million actions), NBC (62.3 million actions) and Telemundo (40.1 million actions)
  • The Top Three Sports Leagues: NBA (204 million actions), MLB (91.9 million actions) and NFL (85.7 million actions)
SOURCE:  Sharablee