InstagramICYMI, Instagram growth has exploded.  It’s now exceeded 700 million active users monthly.  The growth rate itself is incredible, adding more than 100 million users already this year.

The growth has come at the expense of SnapChat, which has seen growth slow down some 82% since Instagram launched Stories – a virtual clone of SnapChat’s stories.  Instagram has more than double SnapChat and Twitter’s engaged, active user base.

Instagram Stories hit 200 million daily active users in April, compared to SnapChat’s 161 million daily active users.

When you stack Instagram up against the major social and messaging Apps, it’s moving closer.  June numbers show Facebook’s still the King at 1.94 billion with its two other Apps (Messenger and WhatsApp) coming in at 1.2 billion worldwide.


NOTE:  SnapChat’s numbers are estimates.