You can now run ads in your Live Facebook videos

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February 27, 2017 by Paul Dughi


Facebook is opening the door to video ads for publishers.  In a blog post, Facebook announced it is opening up its video ad networks to place and monetize publisher websites.  Eligible publishers can now make money from in-stream video ads on their own websites and apps through Audience Network, Facebook said via a blog post.


Facebook Ad Break Icon

Facebook is also expanding its beta test of Ad Breaks in Facebook Live to additional profiles and Pages in the U.S. This lets publishers take an “we’ll be right back after this” moment during a live video and let a 15-second in-stream ad play.  To qualify, your page needs 2,000 or more followers and have gained at least 300 viewers in a recent live video.  After 4 minutes in length, if you have 300 or more concurrent viewers, a $ icon will pop up which you can click to take a break.  You can take another one every 5 minutes thereafter.

Social Media Today reports that rev share will be 55% to the creator with Facebook keeping the other 45%.

Right now, ad breaks are only available in live videos, but Facebook is testing Ad Breaks in on-demand video with some partners.


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