You really have to wonder about that whole “give it away for free and then later we’ll charge for it” model.  Here’s yet another example:  YouTube is the world’s largest video streaming service and streams more music than anyone else.  It’s been free from inception, but YouTube has been touting its paid service, YouTube Red launched in the fall of 2015.

Despite one billion users of its free service, in the year since launch, YouTube Red has signed up… only 1.5 million subscribers, according to The Verge.  Compare that to Netflix, which added twice that number of subscribers in just the last three month.  Netflix now claims 33.3 million paid subscribers.


YouTube is joining other providers in offering original series and movies, but nothing along the scale of Netflix’s series of high-profile releases like “Orange is the New Black,” “House of Cards,” “Stranger Things,” or ”Making a Murderer.”