Mary Meeker is one of those people. When she talks, people listen. She works with KPCB (Kleiner, Perkins, Caulfield, and Byers) — a venture capital firm. Before that, she was the lead Internet Analyst at Morgan Stanley. Mary publishes an annual Internet Trends report, which gets a lot of attention in business circles.

While the report covers a broad range of sectors, here are some of the fast facts from her talk this year:

  • In 20 years, the U.S. internet advertising business has eclipsed other media, growing to $60 billion dollars in 2016.
  • US online advertising is accelerating, showing a 20% growth year-to-year. The growth is almost all mobile (+66%) vs. Desktop (+5%).
  • Global internet users have risen from 35 million in 1995 to 3 billion in 2015. Internet users have now risen above 30% of world population. Excluding India, it’s a 42% penetration and up 9%.
  • Growth of Smartphone users is slowing, but still growing
  • Android is stomping Apple iOS in market share. Globally, Android has a 81% market share to 16% for iOS. In 2009, iOS had 14% share with Android at just 4%.
  • Privacy and online safety are huge concerns. 78% of people surveyed say they are worried about where the data is sold and 73% worry about how their data is stored.
  • Google has the largest pie of online advertising and continues to grow, 15% since 2014.
  • Facebook has roughly one-third the amount of ad revenue that Google has, but it’s grown 59% since last year.
  • Video views continue to grow, especially on social media, which are seeing 5 x growth year-to-year.
  • Daily number of photos shared exceed 3.5 billion daily.
  • Use of Geofilters is growing and early movers have seen success.