Video now makes up half of all internet traffic, according to research from Sandvine (a bandwidth management company).  Netflix alone accounts for 15% and YouTube 11.4%.  General web browsing makes up 7.8% and embedded video on websites was 13.1%.

traffic 1

traffic 2In total, video was 58% of downstream traffic.  Web browsing was second at 17%, gaming at 7.8%, and social media at 5.1%.

BitTorrent plays a major role on upstream volume.  The file sharing site, often cited for illegal sharing of copyright content. Was responsible for 22% of traffic.

When it comes it smart speakers and IoT devices, Nest, Alexa, and Siri combine make up less two-tenths of one percent of worldwide traffic.

You can read the rest of the Sandvine research report here.

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