The new version of Google’s chrome browser is now live, with its built-in ad blocker.  Here’s the short version of what it will block going forward:


And here’s Google’s explanation of how it will work.  Chrome – the world’s most popular web browser (56% market share) will automatically block ads on sites that fail the Better Ads Standards criteria.

Finally, here is more detail on the ads themselves that will be blocked.

“While the result of this action is that Chrome users will not see ads on sites that consistently violate the Better Ads Standards, our goal is not to filter any ads at all but to improve the experience for all web users. As of February 12, 42% of sites which were failing the Better Ads Standards have resolved their issues and are now passing. This is the outcome we are were hoping for — that sites would take steps to fix intrusive ads experiences themselves and benefit all web users. However, if a site continues to maintain non-compliant ad experiences 30 days after being notified of violations, Chrome will begin to block ads on that site.” – Google’s Chrome blog