With ad-tech being so intrusive these days in tracking our movements, you had to wonder when people would say “enough is enough.”  Maybe we’re getting closer.

Two moves this month certainly should send a message to providers that are pushing the envelope on online advertising tactics that visitors don’t like.  First, Google confirmed that its Chrome browser will have a baked-in ad blocker and it will be the default.

Now, Apple has followed suit, by blocking auto-play videos and limited site tracking.    Its intelligent tracking prevention will stop websites from collecting browsing data and tracking it.

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Google confirms built-in ad blocker will be default in its Chrome browser
If your site has what Google terms “unacceptable ads,” it’s going to block all the advertisements on your site.  The list of what is unacceptable will include pop-ups, videos that are set to auto play, or count-downs that slow the loading of content.

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