We’ve read the stories that majority of people get their news from social media.  We’ve also read how trust in the newspaper and TV news media has eroded.  But how does social media do on the trust scale when it comes to news?

The short answer is that social media scores the worst scores on trust of any source of news.  A new study by the Pew Research Center shows that local news organizations do best on the trust scale, followed by national news organizations, and family and friends.

Social media has about half the trust of any other source

In fact, ONLY FOUR PERCENT of adults that use the web say they have a lot of trust in the information they find on social media.  Even the heaviest social media users, only 7% said they trust it.

trust in media

When those who get news online from each source type were asked specifically about each’s accuracy, news organizations again sit at the top; 15% of those who get news from news organizations online find them very accurate, compared with 7% who say the same about people they are close with and just 2% for people they are not particularly close with. – Pew Research Center/The Modern News Consumer (2016)


When it comes to loyalty to any particular source of news, TV was the only medium that showed a majority of users that were very loyal. 54% of TV users say they are very loyal to TV when it comes to news preference.  The majority of people that get their news from news websites and/or apps say they are not loyal to the source.  Social media users were the least loyal to the source.