Some fun spots to break up your day.

Ellen DeGeneres and Adele teamed up for a fun adventure.  Ellen sent Adele into a Jamba Juice store with an earpiece.  She had to say whatever Ellen told her.  Funny stuff.  As you can imagine, the video went viral on social media.

During the show, Adele asked for a “beet and potato” juice which she had in London, called “Swishy Chug.”  The best part may be the part of the story you haven’t heard.  It’s what Jamba Juice did next that makes it truly epic.

Another idea that caught fire recently was Netflix campaign to reintroduce the sitcom “Friends” and make it fresh again.  They bought keywords for their pre-rolls – hundreds and hundreds of them – and targeted content related to what people were searching for. So, for example, when someone searched for cat videos, up came a video pre-roll for Rachel’s hairless cat.


Talk about taking on a niche!  Sonic created a special product just to entice Instagram users.

Coca-Cola proves you can sell just about anything.  In this case, they sold rain.

Not only did IBM set the Guiness Book of Records™ record for the World’s Smallest Stop-Motion Film, it showcased its research into the field of atomic memory.  Sound dull?  It’s a move made up of atoms – magnified 100 million times.