If you thought public opinion on the trustworthiness of social media had bottomed up, you might want to rethink that a bit.  A new study by Tapatalk polled 1,000 U.S. adults and found that trust in social media networks continues to decline.

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74% said the “integrity of social media sites” has diminished.

Individual Integrity Ratings

Here’s an interesting idea the survey floated that people seem to like.  The idea is to create an “integrity rating” for individuals.  This verification would travel with you wherever you went online.  62% of the people surveyed supported the idea.

Facebook’s Push Into Groups

Facebook has been pushing the idea of groups as one of its core strategies.  CEO Mark Zuckerberg recently put it this way: “empower people to build communities.”  These groups, centered around common interests are better at self-policing.  Since people in the groups are more knowledge about the topics, they are more likely to quickly correct false information.

The survey results echo that sentiment.  80% of those responding report they trust posts on specialized forums more than those on Facebook.  In full transparency, the survey was done by a company that builds these communities and online forums.

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H/T Social Media Today