According to Google, AdWords looks for how useful your landing page will be when someone clicks through your ad.  They cite “well organized” and “relevant text” as measures, along with keyword matches.

Improving Your Landing Page Quality Score

  1. Useful and original content – specific to the ad’s keyword
  2. Transparent and trustworthy – easy to identify owner and contact information
  3. Mobile friendly – critical with the last two algorithm updates
  4. Fast loading time – better UX (user experience)

Here’s a cool thing about Quality Scores.  The higher your quality score, the more Google feels it matches the user’s search intent.  Google wants to get people right to where they are searching as quickly as possible, so the better the match, the better they look.  That means a higher quality score may reduce your CPC (cost per click).

In other words, spending some time, effort, and money on a high-quality landing page may lower your actual ad spend.