If anything, partisan views of the national news media have gotten even more entrenched… and the gap has widened, according to a national survey by Pew Research Center.

While Democrat views on the impact of the national news media have grown more positive, Republicans have grown even more negative in their assessment of the media. There’s a big disparity in views over most major institutions.  The difference is most striking when you look at the media, where only 10% of Republicans have a positive view.


85% of the Republicans say the news media has a negative effect. These views have changed little in the past few years, the Pew Research project reports.

Positive views of the national news media by Democrats, however, have increased by 11 percentage points from just a year ago.  Still, the majority of Democrats have a negative view (46%) vs. a positive view (44%) of the media impact.

pew studyEven with all the CNN bashing, fake news blustering, and barbs being lobbed at the media by politicos and cable news outlets, the numbers have improved in the last few years with some groups:

  • Democrats
  • 18-49 year olds
  • 50+
  • College graduates
  • Liberal
  • Conservative or Moderate Democrats