If you’re using the AdSense plugin to drop Google Ad Words on your website through WordPress, a big change is coming.  If you don’t follow the steps, you will lose any ad revenue coming in through Ad Words.

You should get an email telling you what to do.  If you don’t – or don’t want to wait for it to show up – here are the steps you need to take.

Key dates

  • Early March, 2017: New publishers will not be able to sign up for AdSense by using the plugin.
  • Early April, 2017: Existing publishers will not be able to change their ad settings or ad units through the plugin.
  • Early May, 2017: Google will no longer provide support for the plugin.


You may find other plugins for Ad Words in the library, but Google says they don’t support them.  So, my advice is to make the changes sooner rather than later.

More info from Google