When you can comb through data, trends emerge.  When you can go through a trillion social media posts, you can gauge the conversation well.

Crimson Hexagon is in the business of providing business insights, such as turning a data analysis of social media into strategy.  Crimson Hexagon mined its own data repository from six years’ worth of social media posts. It’s a good example of a company showcasing what they do in an interesting enough way to draw people from outside their sphere of influence to their website… and show off its core competency at the same time.  There’s a lesson in that for all of us.

Read on for insights on Airbnb becoming more popular than the biggest hotel chains, the most tweeted news story in the past five years, changing attitudes about driverless cars, and the most popular iPhone feature since 2010.

I’ll share just a couple of them, but they did the work so they deserve to get the web traffic.

When did Airbnb become popular than the biggest hotel chains?


What’s the most retweeted news story of the last 5 years?


What was the most popular iPhone featured released since 2010?


How do people feel about self-driving cars?


You can see the full list of insights here.