Facebook wants you to order your next meal without leaving Facebook

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October 20, 2016 by Paul Dughi


Some major announcements this week from the Facebook Newsroom.

Facebook really is trying to make it so you never need to leave the walled garden to do anything, like, you know, have a life.  And it is taking on other apps at the same time.

Like Yelp or Trip Advisor. 

Soon, you’ll be able to write a post asking for recommendations.  When you turn on Recommendations for the post, friends can comment with suggestions and you will be able see them mapped out and saved in one place.   Or you can go here to Facebook Recommendations, currently desktop only, to participate.

Like Eventful or the hundreds of events calendars.

It will showcase local events and prioritize friends’ interactions or posts from events you’ve previously connected with.  Or you can do here to Facebook Events to take a look.

Like Ticketmaster or Eventbrite or Fandango

Order tickets right from Facebook.  FB has already rolled out that ability through Fandango for some movies, but they’ve also partnered with Ticketmaster and Eventbrite to purchase tickets from an event page on FB.

Kinda weird to buy tickets to a movie from Facebook, though.  The theatres make you turn off your phones when the movie is on.  That means actually, you know, not checking Facebook for more than two hours!

But here’s the showstopper.

You can order food directly from Facebook.  Restaurants with Facebook pages that user Delivery.com or Slice will be able to place a “Start Order” button on its page.


PHOTO:  Facebook

You’ll also be able to request an appointment directly from a business FB page, such as a spa or salon.

The above products are being rolled out with some US users this week before a broad launch.



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