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Facebook is a monster. We knew that, but today we’re finding out how big that monster is. When it comes to social media ad dollars, Facebook is grabbing nearly 68 cents of every dollar spent. eMarketer estimates FB is pulling in $22.37 billion in net ad revenues this year. That’s about a 30% increase from 2015. More than half of the revenue is coming from outside the United States.

fbFB hasn’t even put advertising into its Messenger app — despite the fact that its user count now tops 1 billion.

Facebook has a market value of roughly $300 billion dollars. 1.6 billion users around the world and a 40% share of the social media category. The average user spends an hour a day on FB. It’s not surprising then that they’d get the lion’s share of social media advertising.

And then there are
political ads

This is the year the campaigns discovered digital advertising.

If you’re wondering about political advertising in social media this year, Borrell Associates reports the political campaign will spend $1 billion alone this year on digital advertising with about half of it going to social media.