Facebook dabbled with marketplace in the late-2000’s, but it went dormant for years.

Untitled-1Now, I’m hearing from friends who say it’s popping up in their apps again. It appears to be still in the testing phase.  It hasn’t shown up on my phone or tablet yet, but it is showing up on some people’s devices within the Facebook app. Marketplace is exactly what it sounds like:  a way to buy and/or sell goods.

“We are continuing to test the Marketplace experience to make it easier for people to buy and sell products locally on Facebook,” a Facebook spokesperson told GeekWire

Punch up your zip code and see what’s available.  You can search for products as well.  Once you find something you like, it’s a one button push to contact the seller.  It’s easy to use and easy to post pictures and prices.

Facebook already has a way to send or receive money via payments integration into the Messenger app so it’s not hard to envision they could launch this into Marketplace as well.

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