If your business is going to be successful, you need to get your marketing right. Without good marketing, no one will know you exist, and it won’t matter what kind of goods or services you are selling, if no one has ever heard of you, you will have a very hard time making any money.

Digital marketing is particularly useful in today’s business world. When you have an excellent digital marketing strategy, you can find many more customers than in any other way, and this will not only keep your business going, but will boost it and make it more successful, giving you the chance to grow it how you want to. So what is it about digital marketing that will help your business grow?

Cost Effective

Marketing can be expensive and really does eat into the budget of many companies. It is for this reason that it can be put off, or corners are cut. Unfortunately, cost saving in this way only leads to poor or even completely forgettable advertising which is a waste of even the little money you choose to spend on it.

Digital marketing is a lot more cost effective than other types of marketing, and it is often less expensive to start with too. This is because digital marketing, by its very nature, can be targeted at exactly the people you want to see your advertising and who are most likely to use your company to buy from. It is worth spending as much as you can afford on marketing, potentially even obtaining a loan to help you – which you can read more about here – as long as you are sure you can make the money back.  Digital marketing gives you the chance to do this quickly and easily.

The Devices

Did you know that around 77 percent of US adults have a smartphone? It’s a staggering amount, especially when you think of how it was just a decade or even less ago when hardly anyone had a smartphone and social media was in its infancy.

Today, many businesses wouldn’t be able to advertise at all, or would hardly be able to find new customers, if it wasn’t for social media. It will depend on who your target market is and where they spend most of their time online, but diligent market research will tell you this. Once you know, you can ensure your business is in these places too, whether that be Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, one of the new and upcoming social media sites, or a combination.

One of the keys to success for businesses is branding.  Make sure you have a brand identity, including a username for social media that’s distinctive.  This Instagram name generator can help if you need some ideas.


There are lots of different types of digital marketing so it is entirely flexible and can be used exactly as you want and need it to be. Examples of digital marketing include:

  • Banner ads
  • Content marketing
  • Social media campaigns and posts
  • Blog writing
  • Newsletters

Digital marketing therefore opens up a lot of new opportunities for you and your business, giving you the chance to grow and be noticed as well as prove to those who might be concerned about using a smaller, newer business that you have a good reach and are good at what you do.

Something that is really useful when it comes to digital marketing is the fact that you can try out different campaigns and see what works best for you. If something is working well, you can keep it going, or even increase it so more people can see it. If something isn’t working, you can stop it straight away and remove it from circulation. This can’t be done so easily with traditional marketing.

Extended Reach

In order to grow your business as much as possible, you need to extend your reach. If you are online, you might want to open your business up to the whole world, for example. If you have a physical store, you might still sell online, so you don’t want to be restricted by your geographical location. Digital marketing can give you that extended reach without any problems or complications.

Digital marketing offers you the chance to market your goods and services to a much wider audience. Whether you want to be an international force or you prefer to concentrate on your home area more, you can choose what you do and how you do it – you tailor your digital marketing campaigns to create the reach you want, making it bigger over time or even reducing it when need be (if you are extremely busy, or you find that you aren’t enjoying international sales, for example).


Digital marketing offers so much choice and such a lot for the money spent on it that every business should try it – it will make a big difference and it will be a revelation. Take the fact that multimedia can be used, for example.

When you advertise in the traditional way, you advertise in one medium. It might be print, radio, on a billboard somewhere, and so on. It might have a great impact, but it is still just one medium. Digital marketing can incorporate something from every angle, ensuring that your marketing is not missed by anyone. Combine text and video, for example, or images and sound. You can make each campaign truly unique and take the best parts of what you see around you to create your digital marketing masterpiece.


Something that is extremely exciting about digital marketing is the fact that it can be interactive. This means you can easily and effectively communicate with your customers in real time, answering questions, helping them, responding to comments, and more.

This is a very important aspect of modern business that can be overlooked. Interacting with your customers is how you can stand out from the crowd and show them that you are serious about your business, that you want to help them, and – very importantly indeed – that you are an expert who knows exactly what you are talking about.

Being interactive with your marketing and taking the time to communicate with your customers is what will make you remembered and liked, and although it may seem like a small thing, without it you won’t succeed.