Google has announced Pay for Conversion options for display campaigns.

Choosing Target CPS in Conversions under the Bidding when setting up your Google Ads (formerly known as Google AdWords) display unit will mean you only pay when someone converts on your website or app.  You won’t be charged for clicks or impressions.  With a CPA (Cost per Acquisition) cap, you also will not pa above your target CPA bid.  Obviously, the higher the bid, the more likely your display will be seen.

Brent Besson, Product Manager at Google Ads explains it this way: “Let’s say your target CPA is $10, and you drove 30 conversions over the weekend. You’ll pay exactly $300, with an actual CPA of $10. You won’t be charged for clicks or impressions.”

google cpa

Google also recently unveiled three new targeting features for display:

  • Dynamic Prospect Ads: Display ads relevant to user interest
  • Auto-Custom Intent Segments: Automatically create custom intent audiences
  • Targeting Expansion: Increase reach