We know that artificial intelligence will change the way we do things in the future.  It’s already being used in products you use every day, but we’re just beginning to see the multitude of ways AI might make an impact.

For designers and animators, Adobe recently showed off a very cool new feature that’s in development using the company’s Sensei artificial intelligence platform.

Project Moving Stills takes a still image and creates a 3-D image and adds camera movements with the click of a button.  It’s a powerful effect.  It’s the difference between taking a picture of a picture and zooming in on it versus moving the camera around the object to show the depth.  Using AI, it can interpolate foreground and background objects and project where they should be as the camera moves.

In one example, developers took a flat 2D photo and made it look almost like a drone was moving through and up in 3D.

At its Adobe Max Creativity Conference in LA this October, they also demo’d a program that lets users record their voice or sing, and changes into notes on a variety of instruments like a saxophone or violin.

Another case use was adding animations easily to scenes, such as rain, or making things dynamic to reflect different conditions based on locations viewed, time of day, or even social media engagement.

You can view more of Adobe’s “sneak peeks” into product development here.

H/T Digital Trends