More people trust local TV news than any other source.  That’s the key finding in the latest Poynter Media Trust Survey.  Trust in the media overall, the report shows, has increased since President Trump took office.

The survey shows similar results to a Gallup poll and a survey done for The Economist.

76% of Americans say they have either “a great deal” of trust, or “a fair amount” of trust in local TV newscasts.  The results reflect both Republicans, Democrats, and Independents.

Local newspapers came in second at 73%, showing again that news consumers have confidence in local news sources.

National newspapers and national network TV news earned 59% and 55% scores respectively. Online-only news sources fell to 47%.


The research, Poynter reports, shows that media trust remains slightly higher than before Donald Trump became President.  The trust index has revounded from its 2016 low when only 32% of the public said they had confidence in the media as a whole.  Today, that number is 54%.


In 2016, 51% of Demcrats said they had a great deal or fair amount of turst and confidence in news media as a whole.  That number now stands at 73%.


Here’s where we see the biggest partisan divide.  Only 14% of Republicans in 2016 said they trusted media as a whole.  While the number has risen significantly, it still stands at only 23%.

When it comes to local, though, 73% of Repbublicans say they trust local TV news while distrusting online-only news sources and national network news.

Fair Dealing

In addition, 55% of Democrats surveyed said the news media deals fairly with all sides while only 10% of Republicans agreed.