72% of people survey by the Pew Research Center say social medias site censor political viewpoints and favor one party over the other.  It’s an interesting split when you look at the data:

  • 43% believe major tech firms support liberals over conservations
  • 33% believe companies favor women over men
  • 72% believe social media platforms censor political views they find objectionable.

85% of Republicans and independents that lean right say it is likely that sites censor political viewpoints.  64% of Republicans say major tech companies support liberals.

62% of Democrats and those that lean Democratic agree that it is likely social media sites censor political viewpoints.

PI_2018.06.28_tech-companies_0-04When it comes to trust in major tech companies in general, only 3% say the trust them to do the right thing always and another 25% say they do the right thing most of the time.

Read the full Pew Research study here.