The big get bigger.  That’s been the story of the past three years in television as the 5 largest companies now control 37% of all TV stations in the U.S., according to Pew Research.  With a FCC that is relaxing ownership rules, and a major acquisition of the 42 Tribune stations by Sinclair Broadcast Group on the horizon, the numbers will only increase.

Look at the growth.  In 2004, the top 5 companies controlled roughly 15% of the stations.  By 2014, that number grew to 31% and in 2016, the top 5 owned 37%.  With the pending acquisition by Sinclair, the top 4 companies will now own approximately 42.5% of stations.

TV properties

In the final reporting for 2016, the five largest TV companies took in $8.3 billion dollars in advertising revenue.